Michał Biernacki
UX Designer
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Omnichannel online banking for cooperative banking sector.

The goal of this startup was to develop modern, user friendly, online banking product for Polish cooperative banks. I was responsible for designing UX solutions for web and mobile channels. The project started in 2014, took one year and a half and is still present on Polish market.

Green field

At the very beginning there was nothing. No customers, no data, no feedback, no budget for tests. I was responsible for making a guesses which made our MVP interesting for potential customers. But even when few cooperative banks get interested in our product, I still had to rely on my previous business analyst's experience as well as on my sociological background from the university.

"My Finance" page

Basing on general guidance from the specification, which was consulted with me on a daily basis, I was designing prototypes in Axure. Upon receiving acceptance from the stakeholders I sent mockups to UI designer. Then I was checking the graphics and eventually move them forward to developers. Finally I was performing user's acceptance tests.

UI designs
What have I learned

This was my first big UX project, time of intense learning. Few years later I don't have much related stuff to share. Moreover I'm sure today I would design it in a different way, better. Still, I'm proud that together with great team I have successfully delivered new value for Polish cooperative banks sector.

Cooperative Bank in Poddębice