Michał Biernacki
UX Designer
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Investment and transactional services

I was invited to support UX team in K2, the biggest Polish interactive agency. Their customer was one of the biggest financial institution acting on the Polish market. I've joined the team in the middle of the project so I had to learn fast and adapt flexible. My main goals were to speed up delivering UX stuff as well as watch for cohesion with all previously delivered solutions.

Quick start

When I joined the team, the project has been already in progress. I had to learn and adapt extremely fast. On the one hand I had to stick previously designed rules and basis, on the other hand I had to design optimal solutions for the new problems within existing layouts.

The tools

I was designing in Sketch app. I was using Zeplin.io service to collaborate with graphical designers and customer. The better, pixel perfect my sketches were, the faster and more efficient the design proces was. Redmine was the base for any specification as well as task tracking.

The design process

The timing was very limited so I didn't have many options. Basing on more or less precise business requirements I had to deliver.

First, I was looking for inspiration. During benchmarking I was checking both banking, ecommerce and social services as well as popular creative portals like Dribble and Behance. 

Also I was looking for any knowledge available. Luckily there were some fresh researches about customers needs. I always tried to find out more, for example from Jakob Nielsen's and Don Norman's online library. 

Next I went deeper planning my ideas with pen and paper. I was simply describing the process in text step by step, point after point. During this stage the idea of the whole solution was growing up with more awareness of any potential risks and limitations.

Finally was the time for sketches, initially on the paper, finally on the Sketch app artboards. I always designed more than one solution in order to see it better and to make rapid UX tests with my teammates. 

Then was the time to share my initial concepts and present the whole idea to my customers. It was critical to make sure that each aspect of my design is clear and understandable for all stakeholders. Great communication skills on that stage were key success factor. The better communication, the more valuable feedback from the customer and more efficient design process.

My projects

Order's batches
As an investor I want to fast send multiple orders.

Ad Placements
As a customer I want to get contextual and personalised information about the bank's offer. As a bank I want to communicate personalised offer to my customers taking into consideration customer's activity in the banking service.

As a customer I want to fast find additional information about the bank.

As a customer I want to ask bank's consultant about the ongoing action I am taking in the banking service. 

Login processes
As a customer I want to use my bank's credentials in order to:
- get the secure access to the bank services,
- authorise my identity in public administration's services,
- pay by link directly from online shops.

As a customer I want to have prompt, omni-channel and safe access to any financial documentation regarding my banking activity.

Documents cloud
As a customer I need convenient access to all my agreements with bank, service's regulations, fee tables as well as all attachments I've shared with bank consultants during my whole banking history.

About K2

K2 is the biggest interactive agency in Poland. They create digital products. They design innovative services and user interfaces. K2's IT team is composed of 50+ people and develops complex platforms, apps and websites. The projects of K2 clients won over 160 awards. K2 has been working since over 20 years for the biggest brands active on the Polish market.